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SCIA Journal Metrics

Published in:   Vol. 8 Issue 2 Date of Publication:   December 2019
Page(s):   88-96 Publisher:   Integrated Intelligent Research (IIR)
DOI:   10.20894/IJCOA. SAI : 2018SCIA316F0925

Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem is a problem about finding the shortest route travelled by the vehicles in serving the customers. Each vehicle starts from a depot and the vehicle that has completed the assigned route will return to the depot. Each customer can only be served by one vehicle. The vehicle capacity and demand of each customer are considered. In this research, Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem was solved by using Football Game Algorithm. Football Game Algorithm is a metaheuristic algorithm that is inspired by the behavior of football players in finding the best position to score. The total distance was used to measure the performance of Football Game Algorithm in solving the Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem. Football Game Algorithm was implemented in six benchmark cases. The performances of the implementation were compared to those of Artificial Bee Colony and Genetic Algorithm. In four cases, Football Game Algorithm performed as good as Artificial Bee Colony and Genetic Algorithm in achieving best solutions. In the other two cases, Football Game Algorithm performed slightly worse than Genetic Algorithm. Several parameters that used in Football Game Algorithm were tested. The parameters were tested in order to see the effect of parameters in the performance of Football Game Algorithm. The results showed that the values of some parameters affect the performance of Football Game Algorithm.