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Table of Contents - Volume 4, Issue 1,2015 Full Paper
An Emphasized Dual Similarity Measure Integration for Online Image Retrieval System Using SimRank
R.RajKumar, M.Krishnamurthy
DOI:10.20894/IJCOA. Abstract) | Total Views:336
A Hybrid Method for Automatic Traffic Control Mechanism
S. Vijayarani, M. Janakiram
DOI:10.20894/IJCOA. Abstract) | Total Views:305
Rule Based Approach for Stock Selection: An Expert System
Sachin Kamley, R.S. Thakur
DOI:10.20894/IJCOA. Abstract) | Total Views:308
Multi-Biometric Authentication through Hybrid Cryptographic System
M.Gobi, R.Sridevi
DOI:10.20894/IJCOA. Abstract) | Total Views:344
Analysis of Effort Estimation Model in Traditional and Agile
R.Thirumalai Selvi, R.Manjula
DOI:10.20894/IJCOA. Abstract) | Total Views:289
EDM: Finding Answers to Reduce Dropout Rates in Schools
Chokanath Hymavathy, Viola R.Krishnamani, C.P.Sumathi
DOI:10.20894/IJCOA. Abstract) | Total Views:246
Micro-Neuro-Sensor Recording of STN Neurons of the Human Brain
R N S K Kartheek, V Rama Raju
DOI:10.20894/IJCOA. Abstract) | Total Views:336
Effectual Data Integrity Checking Technique Based on Number Theory
V.Hema, M.GanagaDurga
DOI:10.20894/IJCOA. Abstract) | Total Views:283
Artifact Facet Ranking and Its Applications
P.Hemalatha, V.Jeyabalaraja
DOI:10.20894/IJCOA. Abstract) | Total Views:273
Test Suite Reduction Based on Fault Detection with Cost Optimization
B.Nevedha, N.Rajkumar
DOI:10.20894/IJCOA. Abstract) | Total Views:263
Clustering and Classification in Support of Climatology to mine Weather Data A Review
S.Gokila, K.Ananda Kumar
DOI:10.20894/IJCOA. Abstract) | Total Views:237
Format Preserving Encryption for Small Domain
K.Chitra, S.Vidhya
DOI:10.20894/IJCOA. Abstract) | Total Views:289